How to Watch Nintendo's Paper Mario: The Origami King Gameplay Stream

Nintendo is having another one of its big Treehouse Live streams this week which will show off more of Paper Mario: The Origami King and another game that we don’t know about yet. The stream featuring the Paper Mario game will presumably be the best look yet that we’ve gotten from Nintendo regarding the actual gameplay from the game and should explore various systems like Mario’s partners and the new combat mechanics at play in The Origami King. The game’s scheduled to release on July 17th, so this will likely be our last big look at the game before its launch.

The Treehouse Live stream was announced on Thursday and is scheduled to take place today, though we don’t know how long it’ll last. What we do know is when it’ll start and what to expect from it as well as what you shouldn’t expect to see during the event.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the Treehouse Live event below, so be sure to tune into the stream when it starts or catch the VOD afterwards to see what was revealed.

How to Watch the Treehouse Live Event

If you want to catch the Treehouse Live stream as it happens, you’ll want to tune into the event by joining the stream below at 10 a.m. PT. No timeframe for how long the stream will be was announced, but you can expect it to be wrapped up within the hour based on past Nintendo events.

If you don’t watch the initial stream, you should be able to view the video after it ends and is uploaded to Nintendo’s channel.

What to Expect from the Stream

At minimum, we can expect to see gameplay from Paper Mario: The Origami King. Previews, ours included, went out for the new Paper Mario game this week to show off different parts of it, and this stream from Nintendo should share more insights into what various systems and features are at play in The Origami King. We don’t know if it’ll answer every question players have about things like partners and the battle system, but there’s a good chance you’ll come away with at least some answers.


On top of The Origami King gameplay, we’re also going to see the reveal of a “title in a franchise new to developer WayForward.” What that game could be is anyone’s guess, but we know that it’s not one of Nintendo’s first-party franchises. Nintendo stamped out those speculations soon after the announcement of the Treehouse Live stream and said the game is a third-party title.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch on July 17th.