'No Man's Sky' Visions Update Officially Revealed

Following yesterday's leak for what the universe of No Man's Sky will have to offer fans, the team [...]

Following yesterday's leak for what the universe of No Man's Sky will have to offer fans, the team over at Hello Games have officially revealed what's next with their Visions update. Following after last month's Abyss content drop, Visions will be available on all platforms - for free - on November 22.

Where Abyss encouraged players to explore the deep depths underwater, Visions wants players to go back to the land they came from and explore even more stunning biomes and planets for an even greater adventure. Much like the title suggests, this latest update will be a colourful addition to the title, bringing a never-before-seen vibrancy to an already bright universe.

Previously dead planets will suddenly have fresh life in them, mysterious artefacts to find, and even more mementos to collect. According to Hello Games, "Visions will introduce players to new strange and curious creatures found among the stars, waiting to be discovered for the very first time. Predatory fauna and deadly flora including carnivorous trap plants wait to ensnare unsuspecting travellers and reward the cautious."

There will also be a new community research mission available that will let players team up and work together towards a common goal. Everyone loves a solid co-op experience!

The studio added, "Visions will bring more variety to No Man's Sky as the universe has become more alien, vibrant and exciting for players to explore. Atmospherics and skies have been improved and rainbows added to the range of in-game weather effects, enabling more unique worlds. Players are invited to unleash their inner archaeologist and explore the galaxy for planets containing the bones of ancient alien lifeforms. Travellers can unearth the remains of fallen satellites to salvage for parts but risk drawing the attention of a new threat and danger – corrupted sentinel drones. Players who can endure and survive the most extreme of weather in No Man's Sky may also be rewarded with previous crystal treasures that only light up in the worst of storms."

You can learn more about the latest update in the official trailer above before it lands on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 22.