NPD: Video Game Spending in First Half of 2018 Sets New Record

Boy, oh, boy, do we love video games. At least, that’s what the NPD surmises.In a new report [...]


Boy, oh, boy, do we love video games. At least, that's what the NPD surmises.

In a new report posted on GamesIndustry International, the research group noted that US consumers have spent a record amount of money for the first half of 2018. According to their numbers, we spent around $19.5 billion on video game products. That's a seven-year high for the industry, and a 40 percent increase compared to same time period for 2017.

The company also noted that spending on hardware has also set a new record, with a 21 percent increase over the previous year at $1.7 billion.

This is particularly due to two types of hardware. While the PlayStation 4 is still performing well, the Xbox One has seen a surge as of late. On top of that, Nintendo is thriving, and not necessarily just from the Switch. The company's re-releases of the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition have been doing very well with audiences.

If there's one area where sales really took off though, it's game. Video game content spending in general reached $16.9 billion, a huge increase of 43 percent over 2017's numbers.

There were several examples that drew in top dollars from players, including Fortnite, which continues to take over the world with millions spent on cosmetic items, as well as Candy Crush Saga, which is still killing it on the mobile front. Other examples mentioned in the report include PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Roblox, and console games like Far Cry 5 and God of War, both of which have sold millions of copies.

Accessories did well in the report too, increasing 41 percent over the previous year. This includes headsets, controllers and other devices. And that market will continue to grow as we see new ones added to the market, including Microsoft's just-introduced line-up of goodies.

"I maintain an optimistic outlook for the remainder of 2018, thanks in part to the strong line-up of titles set to be released in the fourth quarter. This, combined with continued strength in hardware and accessory spending, should result in double-digit annual percentage gains for the total market," noted Mat Piscatella, of the NPD.

Don't expect things to slow down, either. Spider-Man is just a few days from release, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 should have no trouble contributing to what will be a record year for the industry. Keep enjoying games, people.

(Hat tip to GamesIndustry International for the scoop!)