Numskull Hits the ‘Jackpot!’ With ‘Devil May Cry 5’ T-Shirts and Other Products

The folks at Numskull have been cooking up all kinds of great products as of late, including goods [...]

The folks at Numskull have been cooking up all kinds of great products as of late, including goods based on the forthcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, as well as items based on BioWare's Anthem. But this time, it's truly hit the "jackpot!", as it's offering shirts and other items that ties in with the forthcoming Devil May Cry 5.

The full lineup of Numskull-licensed DMC goods can be found here, and they're ideal for those of you that can't wait to see Dante and company back in action this spring.

First up, let's talk shirts. There's a pretty sweet glow-in-the-dark shirt that can be found here, featuring the Devil May Cry logo in sweet neon coloring. And, yes, you can totally see it in the dark, in case you're one of those late night gamers.

Devil May Cry 2
(Photo: Numskull)

If you prefer something a little more casual, there's also this Raigan t-shirt, which features the insignia revolver and sword weapons used in the game, and a sweet Devil May Cry logo and wings on the back. It's also in cool red and white colors. You can find it here.

In addition, Numskull will also offer up a great-looking keychain that you can find here, complete with its own classy take on the Devil May Cry logo; as well as this awesome motor home coffee mug, which also features the logo. What better way to get your demon-hunting day started than with a nice cup of joe?

Last but certainly not least, if you're looking for some cool Devil May Cry-oriented headwear, Numskull has you set.

First, let's check out this motor home-inspired Devil May Cry hat, which features the game's logo in blue and a nifty number five in the corner. Also, the design is pretty sweet, and the hat is pure snapback quality. Check it out here.

If you prefer a hat of a darker design, then check out this neat little snapback model. It features a beautiful 3D embroidered logo held in place by metal studs, with a little bit of a leather touch to it. This is probably something Dante would consider wearing if he didn't want his hair to flow freely.

Devil May Cry 3
(Photo: Numskull)

The products are available for pre-order now and should ship sometime in February, if not sooner. While you're at the Numskull site, be sure to shop around and see what other great gaming items you can find. Dibs on that Pac-Man mini-arcade game!

Meanwhile, Devil May Cry 5 is set to arrive on March 8 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Which of these Devil May Cry items are you looking to pick up? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!

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