Obsidian Announces New RPG Avowed at Xbox Showcase

Microsoft had several new games for fans to look at during its Xbox Games Showcase, and that included Obsidian's newest roleplaying game. The new game is called Avowed, and while we don't have much on the game's overall story, characters, and lore yet, we did get a first glimpse at gameplay, and it looks quite promising. Avowed will be a first-person roleplaying game, and you'll be using a combination of melee attacks and powerful magic to take on your foes. You can check out Obsidian's newest title in the new footage located above, and while Microsoft didn't release any sort of release date information, we hope to see more from the game soon.

The trailer kicks off with a battle-worn castle, which is soon lit up by a myriad of archers and their flaming arrows. The arrows launch and we are shifted into the first-person view, following the arrows to their destination.

We then shift to another character around a small fire, and they pull out a sword lit up with runes. They then carve a spell in the air with their hand glowing purple from the aura.

It seems they are readying for action, and you quickly understand why, as the door in front of them lights up with a figure approaching. We don't see them, but we certainly hear them, and they are shaking the very ground your character is standing on.

Here's the official rundown on the game from Obsidian.

"Last, but certainly not least, Obsidian will be returning to the epic fantasy world of Eora in the triple-A, first-person RPG, Avowed. We hope that you are all ready for what we are creating for you and we’ll be showing more of Avowed later down the line.


At Obsidian Entertainment, we’re committed to what we’ve been doing for the past 17 years – making incredible worlds for you to play in your way. And with Xbox Game Studios behind us, we can’t wait to bring even more awesome worlds to all of you."

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