Obsidian's New RPG Gains Recently Launched Publisher From Take-Two

Private Division 610

Take-Two has recently announced their newly revealed label called Private Division, which aims to primarily focus on partnering with independent teams throughout the industry. If you haven't heard of the new label yet, you can check out the official announcement from Take-Two below:

We know from previous reports that Obsidian Entertainment, the team behind titles such as Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity, are working on a highly anticipated RPG (Role-Playing Game). It just so happens that Obsidian falls under the new Private Division umbrella, so the newly announced label will be leading the charge for the "big" title. Fallout co-creators Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are also at this helm for this new RPG, which makes the promised title already starting on the right foot.

Another highly anticipated title falling under the Private Division leadership includes the indie title Project Wight:

Project Wight is an alternate history Viking horror RPG that centers around humans and their encounters with what remains of an intelligent species. The brilliant part of this game that the video showcases is the fact that players won't be in the role of the human, as expected. Instead, the monstrosity that is humanity is revealed to you, as the "monster".

It'll be interesting to see what the full list of games will be for the new studio right out of the gate, but it looks like Take-Two doesn't have any immediate plans and most of the goals are set for 2019. With the few underneath the scope already, it is off to a promising start and does offer a new avenue for Independent companies. The funding and resources allocated to smaller teams adds an entire new level of gaming in a world of FIFAs and Call of Dutys.