Official PlayStation Magazine Clarifies Teaser About Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel

It appeared for a short time that Horizon Zero Dawn fans would be getting news about the game’s supposed sequel through the next issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, but it now appears that’s not the case. An image of the cover of the magazine’s next issue appeared online this week as people highlighted one specific part of it that reference “The surprising Horizons Zero Dawn sequel.” It’d be easy to imagine from that teaser that the magazine would be talking about a sequel to the PlayStation 4 game, perhaps one planned for the PlayStation 5, but the teaser was actually referencing something different.

The cover image in question was shared online in forums where people discussed what a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could entail and what we’d hear about it from the magazine upon its release. Much of what was teased on the cover was about the PlayStation 5, so it wasn’t much of a jump to assume the Horizon Zero Dawn teaser was as well.

But it looks like the story in the magazine about the “sequel” is actually about a comic, not a game to follow up the PlayStation 4 exclusive. The Official PlayStation Magazine Twitter account addressed the situation on Tuesday to clarify what people could expect from the issue.

The clarification said “some people are getting carried away” with the teaser, but to be fair to anyone who read it the way it was presented, it’s entirely reasonable to believe it was about a game. Everything other property mentioned around it was either a game or part of the PlayStation 5 itself with there being no reference to a comic book of any kind, so of course someone would think the “Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel” is a follow-up game.


Part of those assumptions could also be influenced by recent reports about a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel that’s supposedly being planned for a PlayStation 5 release. Details about the game’s features and design have surfaced in these reports, though nothing has been confirmed yet by Sony.

Even if we’re not getting details about a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel from the next issue, we can expect to see something about another game called Quantum Error. The horror-shooter game was revealed not long ago and is planned for a PlayStation 5 release, so expect more info on that to be included in the magazine, based on what’s seen on the cover.