Horror-Shooter Quantum Error Announced For PS5 and PS4

A new game was confirmed for not only the PlayStation 4 but also the PlayStation 5 this week when TeamKill Media announced Quantum Error, a “cosmic-horror first-person shooter” that’s currently in development for both consoles. The game was announced with a teaser trailer that showed a futuristic setting inside some sort of structure surrounded by some ominous messaging. There’s only one live person shown in the building – the person players will be playing as – but they’re clearly not the only being inside the building with several creepy entities shown throughout the trailer through brief glimpses and flickers of the shadows.

The tease that announced the game was a brief one and didn’t show much of the game aside from some narration and dimly lit scenes inside of the structure. Still, the idea of another horror-shooter being confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and then the PlayStation 5 is something to look forward to for those who enjoy the genre but haven’t seen many installments in it lately.

Quantum Error is a cosmic-horror first-person shooter currently in development by TeamKill Media for the PS5 and PS4,” was all TeamKill Media had to say about the game on the company’s site.

With the way things scurry about, shamble along through the hallways, and loom in the doorways, the game gives off a Dead Space-like vibe. Dead Space and games like it typically promise some tense situations within desolate environments where it’s hard to feel at ease lest there be something right around the corner or through the door, so perhaps Quantum Error will offer a similar experience.


Though it wasn’t shown in the trailer, another video released through the game’s new Twitter account showed off another weapon players can use besides a shotgun. The weapon shown was a minigun with a behind-the-scenes look at it showing how it works, so keep an eye on the game’s social media account to see more previews like this in the future.

Quantum Error does not yet have a release date.

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