One Piece: Grand Cruise PlayStation VR Game Announced Along With Another Title

One Piece Grand Cruise

Two new video games based on the One Piece anime are in the works according to the most recent issue of Weekly Jump that revealed some details about the upcoming projects.

According to the little details about the two games that were revealed in the publication, the first game that's coming, One Piece: Grand Cruise, will actually be a virtual reality game that'll be an exclusive for the PlayStation 4. This game will let a player take on a role of a pirate in the One Piece universe through a virtual reality experience. Exploring a ship with a 360 degree view will be just one of the many locations that players can visit in One Piece: Grand Cruise.

"A pirate’s life is fun, but dangerous," a description from the game's site reads. "Go on a journey to the ocean together with the Straw Hat Pirates. The player is an apprentice pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates, and embark on a “one day voyage” on the Thousand Sunny. Adventures and events only unique to virtual reality will unfold, including navy shooting battles and communication events in which you’ll become closer with the Straw Hat Pirates."

A sneak peek also revealed a special trial run that players can use to test out the game in Japan in the coming week at the Tokyo One Piece Tower event that's being held to celebrate the anime and manga. You can check out the game's official website here, and more information will likely come soon, specifically concerning a Western release.

But the announcement that's really got players wondering what's going on is the second game that was announced along with One Piece: Grand Cruise, a project that doesn't yet have a confirmed name but has a project title as a placeholder. The game is being code-named "Dawn" and is being created by a combined effort from Shueisha, Toei Animation, and Bandai Namco. Eiichiro Oda, the original author for the manga, will also be working on the project, and it's promised to have an all-new feel with an unheard of feeling. This unnamed game is said to be absolutely massive and will incorporate both sounds and settings from the anime into the game, but hardly any other details are known.


There's no word as to when the games will be released or what console the unnamed project will be released on, but more information wellbe reported as it's announced.

[via Gematsu / Ryokutya2089