AEW Stars Are Playing Dungeons & Dragons on Twitch This Evening

A cadre of AEW wrestlers will be playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons tonight. Earlier today, Bran Cutler announced that he and six other AEW stars, including Orange Cassidy, Colt Cabana, Trent Beretta, Peter Avalon, Leva Bates, and Chuck Taylor, would play a session of Dungeons & Dragons on Cutler's Twitch channel. The session will air at 9 PM Pacific time on Twitch. At this time, it's unclear if this is a one-shot or if Cutler will be attempting to turn this into a regular weekly game.

Cutler is a known Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast who rolls a twenty-sided dice every match. His finisher is named the TPK (Total Party Kill) and his in-ring attire includes a vest inspired by the Dragon goddess Tiamat. Additionally, Cutler and his tag team partner Peter Avalon have recently started calling themselves The Initiative, another Dungeons & Dragons reference. When Cutler isn't tearing up the ring, he is also an avid cosplayer who once dressed up as Grog from Critical Role.

One of the big questions for this session is whether Orange Cassidy, one of AEW's breakout stars, will remain in character during the session. Cassidy is known for his laid-back "sloth" persona and rarely breaks out of character on AEW shows. Fans are already wondering whether Cassidy and the other wrestlers will try to stick in character during the game, or if we'll see them take on decidedly different personas. Considering the nature of professional wrestling, it wouldn't surprise us if the game got incorporated into some sort of future storyline.

You can catch the D&D game at 9 PM PT for free on Cutler's Twitch channel. No VOD plans have been made available as of press time, but this seems like too good of an opportunity to pass up on.