Oscar Isaac Becomes Solid Snake in This 'Metal Gear Solid' Mockup

If director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is still on the lookout for an actor to portray Solid Snake in his [...]

Oscar Isaac 2

If director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is still on the lookout for an actor to portray Solid Snake in his Metal Gear Solid film, BossLogic has one hell of a suggestion that he should take under advisement.

The superstar artist has managed to put together a mockup of a certain actor portraying the popular video game character -- and some fans may feel that he's a perfect fit when it comes to Snake's nature.

That actor is none other than Oscar Isaac, who made magic as fighter pilot Poe Dameron in the recent Star Wars films, as well as Apocalypse in the comic book based X-Men Apocalypse. As you can see, BossLogic doesn't hold back on his design of the character, nailing Isaac's caricature to the point that he fits right into the role. You can check out that image below.

Oscar Isaac

There are a few great things to note here. First, the hair is pretty much perfect, and we know that Isaac can definitely pull off the "messy hair" look, as it were. Secondly, the facial hair looks just about right as well, a little light on the scruff but ideal for Snake's build. Also, how about that cigarette sitting behind his ear? That's vintage Snake, even though he's not necessarily smoking it like he was in the loading screen for Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons of the Patriots.

Plus, the whole thing is designed like a movie poster, complete with logo and suggestions that it's in "Dolby Cinema, Real D 3D and IMAX" -- and we'd totally see it that way if we had the option!

Roberts is still in early pre-production with his adaptation of Hideo Kojima's classic video game, as he's working on a new script treatment as we speak. But once he gets to the casting phase of the film, he should give Oscar a call once he finishes filming Star Wars Episode IX.

There are other suggestions, to be sure, but do you think Oscar Isaac is a perfect fit for the character? Is he too young? Or is he just about right? We'll find out soon enough.

Metal Gear Solid currently doesn't have a release date, but you can check out the latest game, Metal Gear Solid V, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now