Outriders Servers Are Being Taken Offline to Resolve Issues

Outriders has been having some server issues following the game’s release, and after trying to resolve the problems with little success, People Can Fly and Square Enix have a new solution: They’re turning the servers off. The social media accounts for the game announced on Friday that they’ll be taking the servers offline “for a short duration” to take care of the issues and hopefully bring the game back online in a more playable state.

The tweet below from the Outriders Twitter account served as the announcement for the server shutdown and followed additional tweets since launch that catalogued the problems with players’ connections. The Outriders team had been working on the game’s servers for a while on Friday before coming to the conclusion that they’d shut down the servers for a while.

As the tweet indicated, the servers are only intended to be offline for a short period of time, but like game’s launches themselves, that doesn’t always play out as expected. A “short duration” could mean a couple of minutes or the rest of the day, but whatever the case, the intent is that the servers will be in a better place than they are now once they’re brought back online.

For those looking for updates on the matter, the social media accounts for Outriders are a good place to start since they’ve been offering periodic updates on the situation as the problems were investigated. There’s also a server status page for Outriders worth keeping an eye on that currently lists the “Core Components” of Outriders as being afflicted by a “Major Outage.”


For those of you who haven’t played Outriders yet, there’s a free demo available now across all available platforms. The game’s also available on Xbox Game Pass as a day one release, so if you’re subscribed to that or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’ve got the game waiting for you whenever it’s playable again.

There’s no telling when the servers will be brought back online after they’re taken down to repair the issues, but we can expect to see more updates from the game’s social teams as the problems are investigated.