Overwatch 2 Season 3 Roadmap Revealed

Overwatch Season 3 gets underway today on February 7th, and players already have a pretty good idea of what's planned throughout this third season thanks to a roadmap that lays everything out. Players have a dating sim, at least two new game modes, plenty of new skins, and even a One-Punch Man crossover to look forward to throughout Season 3. Those upcoming events and features have been preceded of course by patch notes with plenty of balance changes in effect alongside the start of the season.

The roadmap in question can be seen below courtesy of Blizzard with a number of different occasions planned out this month and in March. The new Antarctic Peninsula map is going live alongside the start of Season 3, and beyond that, the first thing players have to look forward to is the "Loverwatch" dating sim that's coming on February 13th.

"Loverwatch is a non-canon text-based dating sim where players will choose between two potential dating paths: Mercy or Genji," Blizzard said about this Overwatch 2 dating sim. "Players will be presented with dialogue options to interact with that hero and will be assisted by Cupid (who looks suspiciously like Hanzo). Unlock the secret ending, and you'll be rewarded with a themed POTG Highlight!"

To play the dating sim, you'll have to head to the website for it here – it won't be available in the game itself. What will be in the game, however, is a Valentine's Day-themed game mode where players do battle in a 4v4 mode filled with Hanzos.

The World Cup will be back in February for those interested in the more competitive side of Overwatch 2, and after that, the One-Punch Man event takes place on March 7th. A PachiMarchi event will follow where players will be able to take part in a Kill Confirmed mode.

"PachiMarchi is back with a new limited-time Kill Confirmed game mode and a ton of rewards, including an epic skin, six PachiMarchi player icons, a weapon charm, and name card!" Blizzard said. "Claim a PachiMarchi Roadhog player icon just logging in during the event, and complete themed challenges to earn an Epic Pachimari Roadhog skin before the event ends on April 4."

Overwatch 2 Season 3 gets started on February 7th.