Overwatch Could Be Getting A Competitive 3-On-3 Mode

Overwatch is seeing a whole lot of action as of late, between the Anniversary Event that’s [...]


Overwatch is seeing a whole lot of action as of late, between the Anniversary Event that's currently taking place, and the new Lunar map that will soon be making its way to the game. However, Blizzard might have even more content planned – in the form of a new competitive mode.

Speaking in the official Overwatch forums, game director Jeff Kaplan explained that the team is looking into the possibility of a competitive 3 vs. 3 mode for the game, though it won't be arriving too quickly. "Glad you're liking it! We will consider creating a competitive version," he noted. "I think it's still a little early to tell if the mode is stable and balanced enough to host a competitive version. We're keeping a really close eye on it and playing it ourselves."

With three new arena modes introduced to the game, there is the possibility we'll be seeing more competitive action, but nothing's been finalized just yet. The Horizon Lunar Colony map that's been recently confirmed for the game could very well play a part in that, as the modes could be introduced once it makes its way out of the PTR and into the general game. But Blizzard hasn't confirmed anything, so it's just a possibility at this point.

Still, the fact that the team is considering such choices to keep its fanbase happy is really something, and to see the mode introduced would really boost up the competitive side of Overwatch. And considering that this audience is growing quite a bit, especially into the second year of the game, that'll be an ideal addition.

We'll let you know what Blizzard has up its sleeve with the Electronic Entertainment Expo happening in a couple of weeks, as there's likely to be some form of Overwatch-based announcements, like potential new Heroes and maps (besides the Lunar one) to keep fans content. It's up in the air what the team could possibly announce, but it's sure to be insane news for fans, whatever it ends up being. In the meantime, enjoy that Anniversary event – and those skiiiiins.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.