Adorable New Overwatch Comic Makes Mei's Yeti Hunt Even Cuter


There is no doubt in my mind that Blizzard has done a fantastic job at crafting the world around their hit FPS, Overwatch. For a game that has no single-player aspects, the lore and hero interaction is surprisingly rich. The addition of animated shorts, coinciding comics, and character interaction all help to solidify this story element with no story - and their latest short little comic continues to do just that.

With the Winter Wonderland event going on now for Overwatch, one of the seasonal modes is Mei's Yeti Hunt. Though I joke that she's the game's Satan (because she is), and I may complain about her ice wall (because it's dumb and it should die), and I may not be her biggest fan (I'm salty) - even I can't deny that this comic is adorably cute based off the limited time event.

It's the latest of a long list of comic additions, and gives a closer look at why the Mei's Yeti Event is important. The best part? The comic is completely free, just like its predecessors. Though it is infinitely shorter than previous installments, it really is just mean to be an adorable fan-service tie-in. Plus, seeing that adorable expression while she's in her ice capsule almost makes me forgive her for being ... well, Mei (almost).


The Winter Event is going on now for Overwatch players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. In other Blizzard news, did you see that they are working on a new game altogether which will also be an FPS? Could this be the single-player Overwatch narrative that fans have been begging for, or something else entirely? Check out our previous coverage here and decide for yourself.