Overwatch Patch Is Live, New Lunar Map And Skins Now Available

Yesterday, we reported the news that Blizzard’s latest patch for Overwatch was set to go live [...]


Yesterday, we reported the news that Blizzard's latest patch for Overwatch was set to go live any second, with the new Horizon Lunar Colony map and other tweaks being offered this time around. Well, good news – it's here!

Blizzard has announced that the latest patch for the game has officially gone live across the board for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and with it, you'll be able to check out the Horizon Lunar Colony! The map takes place on the moon, and offers some great tweaks to both indoor and outdoor combat (two words – low gravity), in both quick play and competitive modes. Make sure you check it out now.

In addition, the aforementioned buffs for McCree, Reaper and Roadhog have gone live. Here's the technical breakdown for each:

McCree: Deadeye now locks onto targets about 0.2 seconds, much faster than the previous 0.8 seconds.

Reaper: 20 percent of health can now be regained from all damage done to heroes.

Roadhog: The head hitbox has seen a 20 percent reduction, and the Scrap Gun now does 33 percent less damage.

Finally, for those of you that love collecting character skins – and we know that you do – there are a couple of new ones that are available for pick-up. These include the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va costumes, which were previously only available as part of the PTR (Public Testing Region) system on PC. But now you can unlock them for yourself and give these characters some décor.

The following general changes have also been implemented:

  • Player gravity and projectile gravity can now be modified
  • Knockback magnitude can now be modified on any weapons or abilities that have a knockback effect
  • Jump height can now be modified

So there you have it. While some fans of Roadhog may not be too pleased by the buffs, this new patch adds quite a bit to the game. And we're not done yet, as another update will likely come in the next few months, offering yet another map and even more goodness to experience within this shooter.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.