'Overwatch' Pro Sets 'Apex Legends' Solo Kills World Record

Apex Legends players have been enjoying the new free-to-play battle royale title for a little over two weeks now, and they are seemingly loving it. That said, the competitive nature of the online community is in full swing, and one player has captured the top spot when it comes to solo kills.

Twitch streamer Lucas "Mendokusaii" Hakansson, who is a content creator and professional Overwatch player for the Houston Outlaws, recently dropped into an Apex Legends match with two random players. However, shortly after their arrival in Kings Canyon, the two random players left the match, leaving Mendokusaii on his own.

Watching the video above, you'll see that this was essentially no issue at all for Mendokusaii. Using the Wingman pistol and R99 sub machine gun, the streamer made it look easy as he proceeded to take out 36 other players and deal over 5,400 damage. This is certainly no easy feat to accomplish on one's own, and he made sure to note that the other two players did not assist in killing any opponents before they dropped from the match.

Setting the world record for solo kills in Apex Legends was certainly not lost on Mendokusaii. In a statement near the end of the video above, he says:

"Getting world record is f***ing luck, if you are a decent player, it's just luck. Every single fight I fought was against bots. I just happened to get kills and they didn't just all die randomly, you know? No one fought each other. They were just so bad that they couldn't hit each other. I'm pretty sure I was the only player on the server that could hit a shot."

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What do you think about Mendokusaii setting the world record for kills in Apex Legends? Do you believe anyone is going to be able to top 36? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!