Persona Series Composer Has Left Atlus

One of the most iconic and recognizable aspects of the Persona series ever since it debuted back in 1996 has been that of its soundtrack. The man behind the music, Shoji Meguro, has worked at Atlus ever since the original Revelations: Persona and has continued to serve as the composer on the franchise all the way up until Persona 5 and its various spin-offs and expansions. As of this week, though, Meguro has now announced that his time at Atlus has come to an end, although his work on the Persona series should still be continuing. 

Meguro revealed in recent days that he left Atlus at the end of September 2021 to pursue indie game development. He explained that in recent years, he has started to enjoy creating his own RPGs as a sort of side project in addition to his work at Atlus. Now, Meguro has decided to more fully pursue this passion and has opted to depart from the company that he has been synonymous with for over two decades as a result.

At first glance, this situation with Meguro leaving Atlus might be one that would cause concern for many Persona fans. That being said, Meguro has stressed that his relationship with Atlus is by no means over despite him no longer working at the company. Instead, he said that he will now be working in a freelance capacity with the Japan-based developer moving forward. "While focusing on my own indie game development, I will continue to work with Atlus on game music, so I hope that those of you who were concerned about the sudden announcement will feel relieved," Meguro told fans. Although Meguro didn't specifically say what franchises he'll continue to work on with Atlus in the future, it stands to reason that he'll still very much be involved with future games associated with the Persona series. 

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