Phasmophobia Roadmap Update Teases New Features, Release Windows

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games shared an updated roadmap this week outlining some of its most anticipated features it plans to add to the game as well as when those features are expected to release. This newly revised roadmap covers this month (which will include some new features as well) and goes into 2023 with less specific release timeframes in place for things scheduled for next year.

As people who've been keeping up with the old Phasmophobia roadmap might've suspected, "things didn't exactly go to plan," Kinetic Games said in the Steam post addressing the state of the game thus far. The virtual reality overhaul, for example, was supposed to be out prior to April, but it ended up taking longer than expected which then pushed back other content. As such, that and other forward-looking goals have led Kinetic Games to put out the following roadmap:


"This roadmap now more accurately represents what we achieved this year, and what we plan to do moving forwards," Kinetic Games said. "We want to be transparent and realistic in our plans to make sure we don't have to delay things in the future or force mini updates to fill gaps."

The custom difficulties that have been teased several times over now will be out this month, the developer said. While we've seen talks of those in the past to give an idea of what they entail, Kinetic Games said a trailer is coming "very soon" that'll offer more info.

The developer also said that the progression update that's split into multiple parts will largely be relegated to 2023, but that year will also bring about the Horror 2.0 update that's supposedly going to make the game much scarier.


"After progression is finished, we'll get onto the last part of Phasmophobia that needs reworking. Horror 2.0," the post said. "We'll be replacing all of the ghost models and adding a plethora of new effects, events, sounds, and interactions to scare you out of your skin."

Kinetic Games closed out by apologizing for the "misjudgment in the original roadmap."