Phasmophobia Update Teases New Map and Custom Difficulties

There's a new Phasmophobia update on the way, and this week, we got a new look at it courtesy of what developer Kinetic Games estimated will be the final preview before some of the features are released. This particular preview consisted solely of two different features: the ability to customize difficulty levels based on what kind of experience players want out of their ghost hunts as well as a totally new map for players to traverse.

For those who prefer to simply hop in and start exploring haunted locations without messing with settings too much, the new map will probably be the bigger draw of this week's preview. Kinetic Games offered a look at the "Sunny Meadows" map this week, a map which "is crammed full of things to make it feel used, abandoned, and messy." Some images shared here showed a map that did look very much like that descriptor suggested with beds and other misplaced furniture strewn about the abandoned asylum. No ghosts were spotted in the preview images, but all of them were expectedly dark and didn't reveal much anyway.

"The hallways are far from empty, they're scattered with the remains of what used to be; beds, moved bookshelves, rubble, and chairs," Kinetic Games' preview of this new map read. "Not only does this create more visual diversity, but it also makes those tense chase sequences more stressful, as you have to find the path between these new obstacles."

For those who are keen on fine-tuning difficulty settings to their likings, the custom difficulty options shown off look as though they'll allow for plenty of opportunities to do so. Different settings like ghost and player speed as well as starting sanity levels and flashlights can be turned off and on or otherwise tweaked with different rewards multipliers applied based on what's been configured.

Kinetic Games did not yet set a release date for its next Phasmophobia content update that'll include these two features, but it asked players to be on the lookout for more teasers to be shared soon.