Phasmophobia January 16 Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

A new Phasmophobia update has dropped today bringing the game that much closer to its 1.0 iteration. The patch that has come about isn’t a substantial one by any means but it does bring about some notable adjustments to Ghost patterns and temperatures.

Detailed on the official Kinetic Games Twitter page, the patch notes for this new Phasmophobia update were unveiled. On the whole, not many big fixes were present in this patch outside of two tied to the game’s Ghosts. These creepy specters will now be able to keep hunting you down even if they can’t reach you. In the past, the Ghosts would potentially stop their chase routines if they couldn’t get hold of you. Additionally, another error where Ghosts could spot players hiding in closets or lockers has also now been rectified.

The most interesting facet of this update though is that it contains a variety of “experimental changes” that Kinetic Games is giving a whirl. Most of these adjustments center around in-game temperatures, to be specific. Each room in Phasmophobia will now boast a different temperature in addition to drops in temperature occurring whenever the power is shut off. Conversely, if the power is on, the temperature will slowly climb unless there is a ghost present in that specific location.

It’s worth stressing though that these alterations are purely experimental, as mentioned before. Kinetic Games is still in the early access phase of Phasmophobia's development and as such, it will make changes like this from time to time and then look for feedback from players. Depending on how players respond to these new features, they could be either removed or tweaked down the road.

So how do you feel about these new additions to Phasmophobia? Let me know down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to detail your thoughts.