Build-A-Bear Announces Two New Pikachu Plushes to Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Build-A-Bear will release two distinct Pikachu plushes to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The popular plush company has announced two different Pikachu plushes, both of which are now available for pre-order. The 25th Celebration Pikachu is a winking Pikachu plush, while the 25th Celebration Pikachu (Female) is a separate Pikachu that has a heart shaped tail, denoting it as female. Both have special silver pawpads denoting them as special anniversary plushes. Both new Pikachu plushes come in special online-only bundles that come with a letterman jacket, a sleeper, and a 6-in-1 sound chip, which will cost $76. Physical retail stores will get the new Pikachu plushes "soon."

The Pokemon line is one of Build-A-Bear's most popular collections, with nearly 30 different Pokemon represented. In addition to the three separate Pikachu plushes available to purchase, Build-A-Bear has also released several Eevee evolutions, Starter Pokemon, and Gengar in plush form. These Pokemon are especially popular online, with exclusive bundles containing multiple outfits and exclusive sound chips available as online only purchases. 

Pokemon fans can purchase these Pikachu plushes as they wait for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a pair of new Pokemon games that due out later this year. The new Pokemon games will introduce a brand new region, new Pokemon, and offer a brand new open-world experience never used before in Pokemon games. 

Build-A-Bear is almost as old as the Pokemon franchise, having started in 1997 as a mall retailer focused on "build your own toy" experiences for kids. While Build-A-Bear is still a stalwart at many malls, it has also moved towards a more online retail model, which removes the "build your own bear" experience for more expansive bundles with multiple outfits and accessories.