Playable Halo Characters Are Coming To Nintendo Switch, Thanks To Minecraft


What if we told you that you could play as Master Chief and his fellow Spartans on the Nintendo Switch?

Sure, look at us like we’re crazy. But the fact of the is, soon enough, you’ll be able to take control of the iconic hero on Nintendo’s handheld.

Not in a Halo game, mind you. Now that’s just crazy talk. However, the squad will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in a different way – with Minecraft.

A report from Eurogamer indicates that Microsoft will be releasing the Better Together Update for the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year, and with it, the Halo mash-up pack will make its debut for the first time outside of the usual Xbox console line-up. The pack will include a variety of skins and textures from the Halo franchise, amongst others, that players will be able to enjoy, along with the regular content from the game. That means it would have the same level of content as other versions of the game, including Xbox One, mobile, Windows 10 and other devices.

That said, Microsoft hasn’t provided a release date for the Better Together pack just yet, but it’s likely to come in time for the holidays, providing Nintendo with an unexpected push for its console. It would help Microsoft as well, as that would boost sales of that particular version of Minecraft, and put more money in their pockets, following the multi-million dollar acquisition of the franchise and its developer, Mojang.

That said, one platform probably won’t be getting the Better Together update – Sony. That’s because Microsoft probably isn’t too fond of the idea of allowing Halo characters to appear on their chief rival’s console. Of course, things could change, and Microsoft could eventually change its mind and let it happen. But, for the time being, it doesn’t appear to be in the cards, and probably won’t be introduced anytime soon.

At least Nintendo players get to join in the fun – and that certainly beats no third-party audience at all. We’ll let you know when it’s slated for a release.

Minecraft is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, along with other platforms.



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