PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is Testing a Replay Feature


A new replay feature is being tested on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ test servers along with other changes.

The replay feature is one that players who watch the competitive PUBG games in tournaments have already seen, and hopefully soon, all players will be able to rewatch their best or most confusing plays through replays. You’ll have to enable the feature on the test builds before jumping into your matches though, but once you do, you’re free to record anything interesting that happens within a certain perimeter around your character.

Below are the notes for the new replay feature that was recently confirmed to be coming to test servers via a PUBG announcement:

Added Replays menu

  • Added replay function which can record up to 1km around the character
  • Please enable the replay saving in Options before you enter a match
  • When the game ends, the replay will be saved and can be played on “Lobby – Replays” menu
  • Up to 20 replays can be saved. They will be automatically deleted in the oldest order when the number exceeds 20
  • Control Guide
    • J: Time line ON / OFF (Player can move to desired time, pause)
    • P: Pause
    • ↑, ↓: Play speed change
    • B: Back to own character
    • W, A, S, D: Camera move
    • E, Q: Camera height change
    • Holding Shift, Ctrl: Camera move speed change
    • TAB: Open the player list (If you click the ID, camera moves to that player’s view)
    • V or LMB: Observing camera (You can see the view of the selected player)
    • C or RMB: Following camera (The camera follows selected player and you can control the camera angles and zoom)
    • F or SPACE: Free camera (Move to the camera view which can freely move on the map)
    • L: Open the battle list (You can check engagements with and around the currently selected player)
    • M: Map (If you LMB click the player’s icon on the map, you can move to the observing camera of the selected player. If you RMB click any empty area of the map, you can move to the free camera at that position)

The full patch notes for the test build include a few other gameplay tweaks such as the adjustment of Miramar’s first blue zone and slight weapon balance changes. The developers also discussed player-requested features such as a map selection that’s still on the way, though the team cautioned players of some issues that it might create such as lobbies not filling up to the recommended 100 players.