Analyst: PlayStation 4 Will Dominate December Game Sales

PlayStation 4 Slim

We’re not likely to see the sales numbers for December until sometime in mid-January, but one analyst believes that the holiday season will belong to PlayStation.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter noted that Sony’s hardware will have no trouble cleaning up this month, between sales of the PlayStation 4 Slim model and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

“You know, I’d say that Sony will sell more PS4s in November and December in the US, but not by a ton, I think Xbox will be close. I think Switch is not supply constrained, but you know, it looks like PS4 outsold Switch by a healthy margin, and the Xbox as well. In December, I think PS4 wins again – I don’t think Nintendo has the capacity to ship that many units,” Pachter explained.

“Sony meanwhile can sell three, four, five million consoles in December alone. And I don’t think Switch will sell below three million, I think that’s impossible, I don’t think Nintendo would ship that few.”

Pachter elaborated more on his Xbox One thoughts. “Xbox, the problem is the Xbox One X is expensive and in tight supply. The Xbox One S is remaining discounted at $189, which I think works in its favor. If I am buying the first console for my household, it’s hard for me to justify buying a Switch for $300 plus two games for $120, when I can buy an Xbox One S for $189, and two older games for cheaper, and walk out the door for $250.


“It’s a significantly lower entry point. I just don’t know how I can tell someone with a straight face, ‘your 8 year old boy needs a $300 Switch with Mario and Zelda’; that’s a lot of money.”

We’ll see where the final sales numbers lie in just a few weeks’ time.