PlayStation 5 Controller and Dev Kit Reportedly Leaked

playstation 5

Most reports agree that the PlayStation 5 will ship sometime next year, likely in the fall. What's seemingly less obvious is when the PS5 will be revealed. Will Sony once again host its own special event to unveil the console early in 2020? Will it be revealed at E3 2020? Or could it possibly be revealed this year at PSX? At the moment, all we can unfortunately do is speculate. That said, our first look at the system's controller and developer kit may have just leaked. And if the leak is accurate, Sony Interactive Entertainment has more changes coming with the next generation than you may think.

For those that don't know: a developer kit is not representative of what a system will look like. For example, the big and beefy PlayStation 4 dev kit looked nothing like the consumer product. However, if the controller in question is legitimate, it's likely a prototype of sort, so while it may be closer to the final product, it could also be slightly different. You can peep both the dev kit and controller for yourself below, courtesy of Twitter users SuperSonic4K and Tidux.

As you can see, the allegedly new controller features a rounder look to it, though it still stays true to the DualShock design. In fact, it almost looks like a mix between a Sega Dreamcast controller and a PlayStation controller. Of course, the final product won't likely be that beefy. The early PlayStation 4 controller that leaked with dev kits was notably a lot slimmer in the final, consumer product. Meanwhile, the touchscreen lines-up with previous patent leaks that have suggested Sony was working on a controller with a touchscreen built into it.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt or two or three. In 2019, people are pretty good at creating fakes, which means every time a new hardware leak surfaces, people should remain skeptical.

What do you think? Is this controller and dev kit legit? If it is, what do you think of the new controller design?



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