Days Gone Director Responds to Report of Scrapped Sequel

Earlier today, a new report emerged stating that a sequel to the 2019 release of Days Gone currently wasn't in the works at developer Sony Bend. Despite the studio's efforts back in 2019 to pitch the idea for a sequel to those in charge at PlayStation, the project wasn't greenlit for one reason or another. In light of this news, the director of Days Gone has now responded publicly.

Shared over on Twitter, former Sony Bend director Jeff Ross commented on the report associated with Days Gone and said that essentially, he's not allowed to talk about the topic. "Hey all, thanks for reaching out with all the support. I'm not able to confirm or deny anything, so please understand if I like one of your Tweets all it means is I saw it and appreciate it--and nothing else," Ross explained. "Love you guys!"

In a subsequent tweet, one Days Gone fan told Ross that they're currently looking to receive submissions for a petition that will show PlayStation that fans are very much interested in getting Days Gone 2. Ross ended up sharing the petition himself on Twitter and told fans that he wishes them best of luck in the pursuit.

As a whole, this is surely a tough place for Ross to be in. Back in December, Ross announced that he would be leaving Sony Bend and PlayStation, which was something that seemed odd at the time given his attachment to the studio. However, in hindsight, it seems as though everything that has transpired at Sony Bend in the wake of Days Gone's release could have prompted this move from the director.


How do you feel about this whole situation related to Days Gone and Sony Bend? And are you still hoping to one day see a sequel to the popular open-world action game? Let me know all of your thoughts either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 if you'd like to talk more.