PlayStation Downloads Account For a Great Deal of Internet Traffic

With millions of units sold and a wide variety of games to choose from, it's no question that the PlayStation 4 has become an ideal choice for players this generation. But it's absolutely shocking to see just how many downloads on the system account for Internet traffic as a whole.


Statista has recently revealed some new stats about where Internet traffic is generated, which you can see below. Nearly 35 percent of it is unaccounted for (porn, maybe?), while the largest factor appears to be Netflix with 15 percent. However, take a close look on the right hand side.

The report indicates that PlayStation downloads in general -- big games, indies or online play -- appear to calculate to 2.7 percent. That's of overall Internet usage. And the fact it's almost up there with general http usage is simply staggering.

Statista 2
(Photo: Statista)

No other game services placed on the list. Not even Steam, with its millions of consumers and huge assortment of games, ended up on the list around one percent. (More than likely, it, along with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch traffic, is accounted in "others.") That's pretty insane.

Not to say that PlayStation Network is perfect by any means. There are times that it can end up crashing, mainly due to server issues or possible proxy attacks, like one that brought the service down for weeks earlier this decade. But for the most part, Sony has optimized it, even with the PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and made it work for the better, particularly with multiplayer-oriented games like the just-released Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Grand Theft Auto Online. For that matter, it's likely to get even more stacked next month as the Red Dead Online beta kicks off alongside Red Dead Redemption 2, along with the highly anticipated Battlefield V.

Whether Sony can keep up this momentum as its PlayStation 5 picks up steam has yet to be seen. But hearing how the system is backward compatible -- and how PlayStation Now could play a huge part in it -- it's likely that its dominance can continue. Who knows, that 2.7 percent statistic might grow even further, depending on the games that the company and third parties have in mind for it.

So there you go, PlayStation 4 users. You're a part of the elite when it comes to Internet usage. Now go online and frag your buddies.


(Hat tip to Statista for the scoop!)