PlayStation Insider Teases "Really Big" Acquisition

Multiple PlayStation insiders are teasing a really big acquisition from Sony in the near future. As it stands, the industry is in the age of acquisitions. Although these buyouts are not a new concept, the amount of them as of late has been rather overwhelming. Microsoft has been buying up big studios left and right, such as Bethesda and Activision, some of the largest teams in the industry. Earlier this year, Sony purchased Bungie, which is a smaller buy relative to Microsoft's recent acquisitions, but still very notable. Not only will Sony leverage Bungie's abilities to make games, but will also expand on the developer's IP in other mediums.

It seems like there's more on the horizon, however. Industry insiders Greg Miller and Jeff Grubb both noted (via Okami13_ on Twitter) they have heard of a big acquisition in the works. Miller had expected the acquisition to be announced sometime this past week, resulting in him delaying the recording of his Kinda Funny podcast to later in the week. Of course, nothing happened, but given Miller's IGN roots and history with PlayStation it's fair to assume he's not making something up. Whether or not something actually ends up happening remains to be seen, but perhaps something is coming sooner rather than later. It's not exactly clear who is being bought, but the two both seemed to emphasize it was a big deal. Nonetheless, it should be taken with a grain of salt until something does happen.

Sony has already stated it has plans for more acquisitions, but no time table has been given for such a thing. One would've expected the deal to be announced by this week, as the first financial quarter of 2022 just came to a close, but perhaps there are some things that still need to be hashed out. Given there are no significant gaming events planned until closer to the summer, any acquisition would likely come out of the blue on a random day of the week. 


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