New PlayStation Now Service Could Become Available "Very Soon"

A new iteration of Sony's PlayStation Now service could be going live in the very near future. In recent months, rumors and reports have been suggesting that Sony is soon going to recreate PlayStation Now in a major way to more directly compete with Xbox Game Pass. This subscription platform, which is reportedly being called "Spartacus" internally at Sony, will give users the ability to play more games from yesteryear that once appeared on PlayStation platforms. And while Sony itself has yet to confirm any of this information, it sounds like we won't have to wait a whole lot longer learn something from the company.

According to video game industry reporter Jeff Grubb, testing phases for Spartacus are planned to begin "very soon." Grubb noted in a new tweet today that he believes these trial phases of the service will be available to the public, which means that a proper announcement from Sony would have to come about first. However, Grubb also noted that he's unsure about Sony potentially making this announcement during the upcoming PlayStation State of Play presentation which is set to take place tomorrow on March 9th. 

It's worth noting that Grubb himself isn't the only person teasing that PlayStation Now could be getting altered in the near future. In fact, some subscribers of PS Now have even reported some strange occurrences with their subscription in recent days, which might suggest that PlayStation Spartacus could soon be on its way. Again, it's hard to know how credible a lot of this information is right now, but there has been a lot of smoke surrounding PS Now changes for a prolonged period of time. As such, it sure seems like Sony will have something specific to say on the matter in the coming days or weeks. 

What are your thoughts on PlayStation Spartacus based on what we know about it so far? Are you going to look to subscribe to this new service for yourself whenever it may launch? Let me know either down in the comments or you can message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.