PlayStation Plus: Free PS4 Games We May Get for July 2020

It's somehow almost July, which means that any day now Sony will reveal the free PS4 games [...]

It's somehow almost July, which means that any day now Sony will reveal the free PS4 games PlayStation Plus subscribers will get for the second month of summer. And after June's big offering, we are expecting Sony to keep the momentum going with another lineup of big games. Yet, the release of Ghost of Tsushima may prevent this. Unlike The Last of Us Part II which released this month, Ghost of Tsushima isn't going to sell on its name alone. It's going to need all the attention it can get to thrive in a surprisingly busy month for game releases. In other words, it may be shrewd for Sony to have a light offering in July, which would also save it some money in the process. Or maybe it will want to go big to drown out Xbox's big Xbox Series X games event next month.

As always, nobody knows what free games PlayStation Plus will dish out next month. If I was a clairvoyant, I wouldn't be wasting my time predicting next month's PlayStation Plus games. It's quite possible we will get Final Fantasy VII Remake and GTA 5 next month. It's also possible we'll get nothing but dog food.

That said, below you will find three games that I think may be on the menu next month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. However, it's important to note that these predictions are not based on any insider knowledge, but simple observation and knowledge of the industry. Chances are not a single prediction will be right, but that's just the unfortunate reality of math.

Death Stranding:

Next month, Hideo Kojima's latest masterpiece is releasing on PC. In other words, the hype for the game will be at its highest point since its launch on PS4 last November. Now, the shrewd move may simply be capitalizing on the inevitable surge in PS4 sales of the game, but I suspect that everyone who wanted to play Death Stranding, did so already. So, Sony should capitalize on the moment by making it even bigger.

Catherine: Full Body:

Like Death Stranding, I suspect everyone who wanted to play Catherine, has already. After all, the game has been available in some capacity since 2011. Further, Catherine finally hits the Nintendo Switch in July. So, again, it will be the perfect time to capitalize in the uptick of chatter about the title. It's not an inclusion that's going to get many PlayStation gamers hyped, but a critically-acclaimed, cult-classic is an excellent offer when paired with a bigger, more mainstream game.

Rocket Arena:

Next month, EA's latest indie game, Rocket Arena, will release. That said, I suspect it may be in trouble. It's a month away from release, yet there's little to no hype, which is typically very bad news for an online multiplayer game. What could remedy this? Making the game free on PlayStation Plus. It will hurt the game's sales in the short-term, but should help in the long-term. Meanwhile, PlayStation gets to tout about having a brand new release in the month's offering. The only problem with this is the game doesn't release until July 14. Sony usually releases new free PlayStation Plus games on the 5th of the month. In other words, this would have to be a third game type of offer. Typically, there are only two free games a month, but earlier this year Sony did offer three, so it's possible.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what your predictions are for the month.