New PlayStation Plus PSP Game Potentially Leaked

It looks like PlayStation Plus subscribers may soon see another PlayStation Portable game added to the platform as part of the extensive catalog of games available to PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers. That game is Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness with the first evidence of the game's PlayStation Plus arrival spotted via a new PlayStation Store listing. The catch here is that we don't yet know how widespread this release will be in terms of its regional availability, and seeing how the PlayStation Store listing has since been deleted, it's unclear what, exactly we should make of this sighting.

Gematsu first reported on the appearance of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness within the Japanese PlayStation Store. This listing showed that the game was an emulation title hailing from the PlayStation Portable era which would mean that it would be part of the PlayStation Premium catalog that subscribers can access. The release date was inaccurate, however, given that it was a date that had already passed.

Complicating that matter is the fact that the listing isn't even there any longer. Visiting it takes you to a mostly blank page that simply says "cannot be purchased" with not other info there to suggested that the listging was even for the Disgaea game, so it appears that the listing was a mistake and wasn't supposed to be up just yet.

So, that leaves us with a couple of questions: will the game be released as a PlayStation Plus Premium title outside of Japan? If so, when? Or was this listing a mistake and it won't be released in that manner at all?

We don't know about all that just yet, but we do know a bit about this Disgaea game given that it's been out for so long now. It was released in 2007 and is actually a remake itself of a PlayStation 2 game called Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The on-the-go nature of the game was part of its appeal as a PlayStation Portable title, but the PlayStation Plus Premium inclusion should make it more accessible to those who may not have played it before should that actually come to fruition.