Controversial PlayStation Plus Game Is Attracting a Ton of Players

One of September's free PlayStation Plus is the subscription service's second biggest release of 2023.

PlayStation Plus subscribers were treated to three free games for the month of September. These three games are: Saints Row, Generation Zero, and Black Desert. Under normal circumstances, this is a pretty weak month. In fact, it's arguably the weakest month of the year. Making the matter worse is the fact it came at the same time Sony increased the price of the subscription service, a change that, as you would expect, has not gone down well with subscribers. 

While virtually nobody was excited when this lineup of games was revealed, it seems many were at least interested in trying out one of the three games. While it didn't review well when it was released and while it was controversial among fans of the series, Saints Row is a popular series. It's brand isn't strong enough to completely overcome the aforementioned two issues, however, many seem to be interested in checking it out now that it is "free." In fact, according to True Trophies, it's the second biggest debut on PlayStation Plus this year, behind only Battlefield 2042.

That said, while subscribers are checking out the game, it doesn't seem it's leaving a positive impression, which isn't very surprising considering it's not the Saints Row game fans wanted nor is it any good. 

"Would like to see the numbers of people that played through to the end of the main story. Downloaded to see if the bad reviews were warranted. They were. The aiming is atrocious," says one PlayStation Plus subscriber of the news. "I downloaded it got through the first mission and was like YUP that's why this game got s**t on. Then uninstalled," reads another comment from a second PlayStation Plus subscriber. 

Of course, sometimes PlayStation Plus can revive a game. However, because of the lack of quality of Saints Row we don't anticipate this happening. Further, the developer behind it, Volition, has been shut down, so there's no future for the game, and perhaps even the series unless another studio takes it over. 

"I gave it two days and moved on," adds a third subscriber. At first it annoyed me that it's a 3rd person shooter without a cover system and later it annoyed me that the combat wasn't challenging enough to need a cover system. I also didn't like the writing. Not my type of silly. Despite the above I'm glad it came to PS Plus because I wanted to try it."