PlayStation Sale Discounts Acclaimed Game of the Year Winners

PlayStation is once again offering a mix of games at a discount this week during another sale event, and for those who are looking for games that are considered by many to be the best of the best, you're in luck. This sale (which has just entered into Part 2 while Part 1 is still live for a while longer) consists of several different titles that have won Game of the Year accolades from The Game Awards or elsewhere. The sale, like others, won't last long though, so you'll have to make your picks sooner rather than later to take advantage of this.

The sale in question is the Summer Sale going on now that offers discounts up to 75% on certain games. It's been going on for a while now with many games included in Part 1 set to return to their full prices come August 4th, but other discounts will be sticking around until August 17th now that the sale has been refreshed with new games.

Given that it's a broad sale and not one focused on a genre or a specific franchise, it means that there are more options, but it also means that you've got to search specifically for what you're looking for. To help with that, we've identified five different games that won Game of the Year awards (our awards list isn't exhaustive here) and are now on sale. We've included their discounted prices, too, along with the date the sale will end.

PlayStation Store's Game of the Year Winners on Sale


Plenty of other games beyond these are on sale, too, so be sure to browse the PlayStation Summer Sale if you need a new game before the deals start expiring.