PlayStation Head Adds His Voice To The Pledge Protecting Single Player Games

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The PlayStation Experience is going on now, and we've already had a few solid insights as to what 2018 will hold for gamers on the Sony platform. A big topic of discussion as of late revolves around single-player games and whether or not they hold any value. After EA made a controversial statement saying that gamers "don't want single-player, linear games," many developers and publishers alike stood up to say that EA does not speak for them. God of War's team, Bethesda, and many more have all pledged their continued support of a solid, single-player story. And during this weekend's celebration, the PlayStation boss did the same.

CEO Shawn Layden mentioned that there was a lot of "devotion and love" for a breathtaking narrative. Makes senses - Sony's exclusive line-up comes with a ton of these types of games, many of which we will be seeing more this weekend. "That's what they do well," he said and we're glad for it. Many gamers were upset to hear EA's comments, given that they came shortly after the closure of a studio working on a highly anticipated Star Wars linear story. They shut it down because "gamers don't want it," and are revamping it for a multiplayer experience. Clearly that didn't go over quite the way they were hoping, and this year's Game Awards and PlayStation Experience (talk about shade!) were all about making sure EA knew that the community wasn't just going to take that.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Uncharted ... there is a lot of proof on the Sony side showing that linear story love. Hopefully such big names speaking out will inspire EA to take a slightly different approach towards games (please, please, please in time for Dragon Age!). As for right now, the PlayStation Experience is going on now and we are covering it live this year. Stay tuned for all things PlayStation as we continue to celebrate the beloved platform.