PlayStation Stars Might Have an Invitation-Only Status Level

PlayStation Stars is set to debut in North America this week, and when it does there will be four different status levels. As the company detailed last week, users can advance their status level through things like earning non-common trophies, or purchasing full games from the PlayStation Store. However, the program is now live in Asia, and Dataminers seem to have discovered a fifth status level that is available by invitation only. According to reporting from Eurogamer, this status level is called "Diamond," and it's unclear how a user might receive an invite from PlayStation. Apparently the status level unlocks a digital collectible called "Level 5 Diorama – Bot's Don't Breathe." The collectible's description reads:

"In an endless sea of stars, it seems like there's nowhere to hide. But you wouldn't be here if you let challenges like that stop you. Welcome to Level 5."

As of this writing, there has been no information about how the Diamond status level might differ from the rest, and what extra incentives there might be for those that manage to unlock it. Hopefully PlayStation will find a way to make it worth the effort for the company's most passionate users! October 5th is the official start date for PlayStation Stars in North America, so it's possible Sony could reveal more information about the Diamond status level sometime this week.

It remains to be seen how fans will react to the loyalty program when it does go live, but it does seem to offer good incentives to participate. The program will allow users to unlock both digital collectibles and loyalty points. Digital collectibles have been inaccurately compared to NFTs, but they're actually just digital trophies that players can earn and display. These collectibles will feature characters and elements spanning the PlayStation brand, and Sony has no shortage of games and characters that could be used in that regard. Of course, the program's loyalty points will likely be the biggest draw. Readers interested in learning more about the program can do so right here.


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