PlayStation Stars Rewards Program Announced

Not long after it released its revamped PlayStation Plus tiers, Sony is rolling out another new PlayStation program. This one is called "PlayStation Stars," and it's meant to be a "brand new loyalty program" that gives users rewards via tournaments, challenges, and even through earning trophies. One of the most attractive reward options Sony discussed in its PlayStation Stars announcement were loyalty points which could then be redeemed for things like PlayStation Network wallet funds. Best of all, the program itself is free and doesn't require a subscription like PlayStation Plus does.

PlayStation Stars is not available right now but will be launched at some point later this year, Sony's announcement shared within the associated PlayStation Blog post said. In the announcement, Sony said PlayStation Stars will be "free to join," and no paid aspects were discussed at all in the post.

We've seen PlayStation users offered community challenges in the past that awarded them with profile icons and such for completing different tasks, and from the announcement, it looks like that's sort of the thing that'll be wrapped into PlayStation Stars now. There's also a monthly check-in campaign which gives rewards simply for playing any game once a month, but specific trophies and harder tasks like being "the first player to platinum a blockbuster title in your local time zone" will net better rewards.

Then there's the PSN wallet connection which again looks like it'll be the most appealing part of this deal.

"All PlayStation Stars members will have opportunities to earn loyalty points. Points can be redeemed in a catalog that may include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products," Sony said. "As an additional benefit, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases on PlayStation Store."

Another type of reward consists of "digital collectibles" which sure do sound a lot like NFTs at first glance, and being further described as things like digital figurines and relics of Sony's past don't help their case. Sony did confirm to The Washington Post that these are "definitely not NFTs" and can't be traded or sold nor are they associated with anything related to the blockchain, so it sounds like they're truly just digital collectibles without any NFT mess accompanying them.

PlayStation Stars does not yet have a release date, but it'll launch later this year after first being tested regionally.