PlayStation Announces Next State of Play Event

Sony announced its plans on Thursday to hold another State of Play stream on September 24th where viewers will see the latest and greatest from the world of PlayStation. The event will take place on Tuesday at 1 p.m. PT, Sony said, and shouldn’t take too long to get through with the whole event expected to last around 20 minutes. We’ll see new games and more during the stream with some of those reveals perhaps connected to fan-favorite series which have been talked about recently.

The announcement on the PlayStation Blog and a brief teaser video shared on Twitter confirmed the time and date of the next State of Play stream. It promised a “pretty hefty show,” though it’ll only be around 20 minutes long. What this does mean though is that we can expect those 20 minutes to hopefully be filled with news PlayStation fans will be excited to hear.

“We’re preparing a pretty hefty show, weighing in at around 20 minutes and sporting a fresh new look,” the post on the PlayStation Blog said. “And we’ll have some great news to share with you, including new game reveals, new content from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, and a host of other updates. Should be fun!”

If you’re hoping to find out anything about the PlayStation 5 during the State of Play, don’t hold your breath. Sony explicitly said that it won’t be announcing anything related to its next-gen plans during this State of Play, so you’ll just have to keep speculating about when more info on that console will be shared.


Speaking of speculation, PlayStation fans already have an idea of at least one game which might headline the event. There’s a media event for The Last of Us Part II which is supposed to take place on the same day as the PlayStation stream. If those in attendance get some hands-on time with the game and more information from the developers, it wouldn’t be too outlandish to think the public would get their own trailer for the game during the stream.

Like past State of Play events, you’ll be able to watch the stream through the usual suspects like YouTube and Twitch. Full information on how to watch the event can be found here.

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