PlayStation VR MOBA 'Megalith' Will Get a Free Trial

PlayStation VR owners who have heard about the Megalith MOBA that puts players in control of powerful Titans will get a chance to try the game for free soon.

Launched on January 8th, Megalith brought the MOBA genre to the PSVR as a $30 digital game. Unlike other MOBAs though, it doesn’t have a huge roster of characters – called “Titans” in Megalith – to play as. The game offers five Titans to play as, and Megalith’s developer Disruptive Games is giving PSVR owners a chance to try the game out themselves.

“We are working on a trial version of the game,” the developer said after acknowledging on Reddit that it had heard players’ feedback. “This will allow anyone to try Megalith for free and play with those who already own the full game. Players in the trial can also earn currency and unlock skins that will carry over to the full game if they chose to purchase it. Trial players will be limited to a hero rotation and will need to purchase the full game to have unrestricted access to the starting Titans.”

As with any MOBA, Disruptive Games also has plans to build on Megalith’s roster by adding more Titans to play as. Other MOBAs like League of Legends, for example, have over 100 characters to play as with more being added all the time. Explaining how those Titans will work, the developer said the “Expansion Titans” will be available in the game’s store either through in-game currency or can be purchased outright with real money to speed up the process.

“Expansion Titans can be purchased in the store but will also be earnable using earned currency the full game in a future patch,” the developer said. “This gives players who own the full game the choice to grind out expansion Titans with free currency or purchase them immediately without a grind.”


The progress made during the free trial means that anyone who decides to buy the full game after the demo is over won’t have to restart their currency gains. Locking players behind a certain rotation of starter characters also isn’t uncommon so that players don’t get overwhelmed by learning different fighters and abilities, something that might be even more likely seeing how the genre has come to the PSVR for the first time.

A release date for Megalith’s free trial version has not been announced.