SPOILER Finally Loses in Pokemon Anime

A fan-favorite Pokemon found itself on the wrong end of a running gag in the latest episode of the Pokemon anime.

Fans of the original Pokemon anime probably have fond memories of the wild Jigglypuff that followed Ash and his friends around through much of the Kanto and Johto regions. While Jigglypuff had aspirations of being a Pokemon pop star, no one could last through one of its songs because of its "Sing" attack, which put both Pokemon and humans to sleep.

When Jigglypuff discovered that its audience had fallen asleep, Jigglypuff would pull out a permanent marker and draw all over its victims' faces, regardless of whether they were friend or foe.

After a nearly decade long absence, Jigglypuff made a grand return in Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon when it followed Ash back to the Alola region after he took a trip to the Kanto region. Ash instantly recognized his old frenemy and attempted to warn his classmates about the dangers of listening to Jigglypuff's song.

In this week's episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon, Jigglypuff discovered a new nemesis: Samson Oak's Komala. Komala is a koala-like Pokemon that is perpetually asleep, but still moves, eats, and even battles while its sleeping. This particular Komala is owned by Samson Oak, the principal of the Pokemon School where Ash is studying and professor Oak's cousin.

In this week's episode, Jigglypuff literally floated into the schoolyard where Ash and his friends were singing and gave an impromptu concert, putting everyone to sleep. Jigglypuff pulled out its marker and started to draw on everyone's faces, but it couldn't lay a finger on Komala. Komala rolled out of the way of all of Jigglypuff's attacks, causing Jigglypuff to puff up angrily and get blown away by a gust of wind.

Later in the day, Jigglypuff returned and put everyone to sleep a second time with its song. However, it still couldn't catch Komala, who kept dodging all of Jigglypuff's attacks even though it was snoring soundly.

When Jigglypuff returned for a third time, Ash and his friends tried to soothe Jigglypuff's temper by putting on a concert of their own. As Pikachu, Togedemaru, Steenee, Snowy the Vulpix, Popplio, and Turtonator sang Jigglypuff's song, EVERYONE fell asleep....including Jigglypuff.

After waking up a short time later, the group discovered that the only person with marker on its face was Jigglypuff. Using RotomDex's camera ability, Ash discovered that Komala snatched up Jigglypuff's marker and got revenge on Jigglypuff for all the times that the Pokemon had drawn on other people and Pokemon's faces. You can check out Jigglypuff getting a taste of its own medicine below:


Jigglypuff woke up and discovered that it was the victim of a prank. However, instead of getting angry, Jigglypuff actually laughed and patted Komala on the head before floating away on another gust of wind.

It's doubtful this is the last time we've seen Jigglypuff. After all, Jigglypuff is now living close to Ash, so its only a matter of time before it returns and attempts to find another victim for its song!