Someone Made An IRL Realistic Bulbasaur, And It's Actually Really Impressive

fan bulbasaur

Creating realistic looking pocket monsters from the beloved Pokemon franchise is nothing new. We've seen fan art, crossovers - the works. But one artist created a realistic looking Bulbasaur as a collectible item, and we've got to admit - it's pretty impressive. From the colour shading, to the vibrant red eyes - this is the collectible item that hardcore Pokemon collectors should definitely check out. Would you choose this Bulbasaur?

(Photo: Umbratheca via Etsy)

According to the artist, "Each of my works are built individually for each customer. No molds are made, no templates maintained. Every sculpture is a new, organic creation and no two are made the same."

The materials used to create this uncanny Bulbasaur piece includes porcelain, acrylic, metal wire, paper, glue, and ink and it stands up to about 6 inches tall. Hailing from Mexico, each piece is completely made to order and tailored to the customer. The artist has overwhelmingly positive reviews on their site as well, including other gaming tributes like their Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask replica.

If you're interested in scoring one of these cute little guys for yourself, you can check out the artist's Etsy listing right here. They also do custom "creepy" versions of Pokemon, as well as other pop culture references such as Legend of Zelda and Rick and Morty.

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