Pokemon Fan's Amazing Valentine's Day Gift Goes Viral

Some of the best gifts are the ones that are homemade, and one Pokemon fan took that to heart with an amazing Valentine's Day gift: a custom pink Nintendo Game Boy Pocket with a matching Pokemon game! Reddit user CrimsonChymist created "Pokemon Love Version," a modified version of Pokemon Blue with Eevee as the lone starting Pokemon choice. Professor Oak's speech at the start of the game has even been altered with a customized Valentine's Day greeting. The whole thing is frankly adorable, and has caused a lot of jealousy in the comments from Pokemon fans that wouldn't mind having this game in their own collections!

The Reddit post can be found embedded below.

Just finished my Valentine's Day gift for my girlfriend. A modded Gameboy Pocket and a custom pokemon blue version cart. (My first try at any kind of rom modification so, outside of the title and intro it is basically a standard blue version.) from r/pokemon
Pokemon Love Version
(Photo: Reddit)

In the comments, CrimsonChymist elaborates that he had considered changing the three starting Pokemon to Eevee, Clefairy, and Jigglypuff. Unfortunately, the starters are at Level 5, and Jigglypuff's first offensive move, Pound, isn't learned until Level 9 in Pokemon Red and Blue. Since he didn't have the ROM experience to change the actual movesets of each Pokemon, he decided instead to turn all three starting options into Eevee. The one his girlfriend chooses on Professor Oak's table will decide whether his rival's Eevee ends up evolving into Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon.

It will be interesting to see if the poster offers an update after the gift is given! Clearly, CrimsonChymist put a ton of thought and effort into this creation, and the result is a gift that would delight any Pokemon fan. One Reddit poster asked CrimsonChymist whether or not the game proposes to his girlfriend if she defeats the Champion. He replied that it could be a good idea, but his concern would be she might not get to that point in the game anytime soon. Regardless of how far she gets, it seems like the game and system are the kind of gifts that will be forever remembered!


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