Pokemon Takes Over the Milan Fashion Show

Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and other Pokemon made a surprise appearance at this week's Milan Fashion Show.

Earlier this week, the fashion label GCDS showed off their spring and summer lines, which featured an appearance by multiple Pokemon. The new line had knitted Pikachu sweaters, boots with angry Jigglypuff knee protectors, and even a skin-tight romper worn by a model in Pikachu cosplay.

The oddest part of the show wasn't that a fashion label featured the Pokemon on their clothing, it was that most of the Pikachu on the clothing weren't smiling. Pikachu is almost always cheerful, and it was a bit of a shock to see the Pokemon mascot looking so forlorn.

GCDS also showed off their designs for Pokemon purses, shoes, and even a Pikachu face cover.

Here's a look at the bold new Pokemon-inspired fashion designs:

And of course, we got some hilarious reactions from Pokemon fans too:

While any mainstream acceptance of Pokemon is probably a good thing, GCDS also made headlines for a portion of their show in which models came out with three prosthetic breasts poking out from under a sports bra as a "political" statement. As expected, the statement earned lots of headlines and all but overshadowed the unhappy Pikachu sweaters in write-ups of the show.


While prices for the new clothing items weren't given, they'll probably put you back several hundred dollars. A look at GCDS's website revealed that most of their clothes cost hundreds of euros. Being fashionable isn't cheap, especially when it comes to Pokemon.