Pokemon Go Announces New Buddy Adventure System

Pokemon Go has announced its newest feature - a new Buddy Adventure system that allows you to interact with your Pokemon in new ways. The feature, which was first teased yesterday on Pokemon Go's Twitter, lets players interact with Pokemon in the game's AR+ mode. Players can feed and play with their Buddy Pokemon, thus increasing a Pokemon's Buddy Level and giving it extra abilities and perks. When a Pokemon's Buddy Level is high enough, the Pokemon will follow players around on the map, help catch other Pokemon, and bring players Souvenirs. When a Pokemon and its trainers becomes Best Buddies, the Pokemon earns a ribbon and gets a CP boost in combat.

Players increase a Pokemon's Buddy Level by earning Affection, which can be earned by exploring with your buddy, petting and feeding your buddy, taking snapshots with your buddy, or using your buddy in battles. Not only does Affection increase a Pokemon's buddy level, it also increases its mood, making it easier to obtain candies and earn double the Affection from participating in certain activities.

As part of the new Buddy Adventure system, Pokemon Go will also introduce a new Shared AR Experience that lets up to three players take snapshots of their Buddy Pokemon together. The new feature won't be immediately available in the game, but will be released in a future update.

To celebrate the new release, Pokemon Go released a new trailer showing off the Buddy Adventure system via a heartwarming story between a player and his Squirtle. It's a pretty cute trailer, even if it only teases what the new Buddy Adventure system can do.


The new Buddy Adventure system will be released in the next few days, likely after Pokemon Go forces its recently released update. Let us know what you think about the new system in the comment section or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCBus to talk all things Pokemon!