Will This Pokemon Be Pokemon Go's Next Unown?

A curious line of code in Pokemon Go suggests that a new Pokemon could be incredibly rare....just [...]

A curious line of code in Pokemon Go suggests that a new Pokemon could be incredibly rare....just like Unown.

One of the most sought after Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Unown, a strange Psychic-Type Pokeon that has over 20 different variations, each one based on a different letter of the alphabet. While Unown isn't particularly powerful, they are extremely rare within the game, with only one typically spawning in a busy urban setting once per day. Because of their rarity and variety of forms, Pokemon Go typically brings Unown to its various live events.

Earlier today, an intrepid dataminer on Reddit found evidence that Chimecho could be the next "super-rare" Pokemon. As of right now, Pokemon Go's code indicates that players will get 1,000 Stardust for capturing a single Chimecho. That's a lot more than the usual unevolved Pokemon (Chimecho does have a pre-evolution, but it doesn't appear until "Gen 4") which could be a hint that Pokemon Go wants to reward players whenever they manage to find one of these Pokemon.

In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Chimecho was incredibly rare and only appeared at the summit of Mt. Pyre - the Hoenn region's Pokemon graveyard. Players originally had only a 2% of finding Chimecho at Mt. Pyre, although the 2014 remakes of the game bumped up those chances to 5%.

Chimecho would follow the trend of Delibird and Santa Hat Pikachu of giving extra Stardust when caught. Players who caught Delibird or Santa Hat Pikachu during the event would earn 250 Stardust instead of the usual 100.

Of course, this is all based on a line of code for a Pokemon that hasn't been added to the game. It's certainly possible that Pokemon Go will change their mind and decrease Chimecho's Stardust to regular levels. Still, giving players an extra incentive to catch Pokemon that won't come in handy in gyms or raid battles is an encouraging step, especially as many Pokemon Go players complain about the lack of things to do in between events.

There's no current timeline or schedule for Chimecho's release, but we'd expect to see this Pokemon sometime in early 2018. When it does get released, we'll see if Chimecho proves to be a worthwhile catch...or if it'll turn out to be more PokeDex filler.