Voting for Pokemon Go's Next Community Day is Live

Pokemon Go players can now vote for what Pokemon they want featured during this month's Community Day. Pokemon Go is holding an experiment this month for Community Day by letting the players choose between four species of Pokemon as this month's featured Pokemon. Voting is determined by completing special Field Research tasks, which are being distributed by every PokeStop. Each Field Research task is the same - players need to catch 20 Pokemon and then turn in the research in order for their tally to count.

Players can choose between Rhyhorn, Dratini, Vulpix (both Alolan and Kanto variants), and Machop as the subject of this month's Community Day. Each Pokemon comes with their own special move, ranging from moves that help with covering weaknesses in PvP battles to special exclusive moves that can't be learned at any other time. The winning Pokemon will also have their Shiny variant added to the game for the first time.

Although Pokemon Go promised an equal distribution of Field Research tasks related to each Pokemon, there are a lot of complaints about certain favorites getting neglected online. Whether this is just sour grapes because a player can't rack up multiple tallies for their favorite, or if this is a sign of some actual errors in the process remains to be seen.


Players can vote until midnight local time, so be sure to get out and find a Field Research task that counts towards your favorite.

February's Community Day will take place on February 22nd, with the winning Pokemon announced next week.