Pokemon Go to Hold Extra European Event to Apologize for Safari Zone Technical Difficulties

Pokemon Go players in Europe will get an extra week-long event to make up for those affected by technical difficulties at a live event this weekend.

The popular mobile game held the first of three planned live events this weekend at Dortmund, Germany. This Safari Zone event gave players a chance to catch Unown, Shiny versions of Rosalia, and obtain special 2 KM eggs throughout the city.

However, this weekend's event wasn't without difficulties. Much like last year's Pokemon Go Fest, the game suffered from severe network traffic issues, especially in the park that the Safari Zone was centered around. Many players couldn't log into the game, and Pokemon Go eventually warned players not to use incense while playing. The issues were fixed by Saturday night, but Pokemon Go still had plenty of upset players on their hands.

In order to set things right, Pokemon Go announced they would be holding a special event for European players in order to make up for the technical difficulties surrounding this weekend.

On the plus side, Pokemon Go managed to fix the technical issues surrounding the game a lot quicker than during last year's Pokemon Go Fest debacle. In addition, players attending today's festivities at the Safari Zone have reported little to no issues.


Players who didn't attend the Safari Zone event will still reap some benefits from the event. Players around the world completed four Global Challenges, which will result in increased XP bonuses for catching and hatching Pokemon and participating in Raids all of next week.

The live events are a big part of Pokemon Go summer. The game also plans to release a new Mythical Pokemon, Celebi, at Pokemon Go Fest later this month.