New Tool Lets You Find Raid Groups in Pokemon Go

The Silph Road is among the best information sources out there for Pokemon Go players. Not only [...]

The Silph Road is among the best information sources out there for Pokemon Go players. Not only does the group's subreddit usually have new bits of information and research about the game daily, the Silph Road also maintains a website that hosts several useful features, including a crowd-sourced map of local Pokemon nests around the world.

Now, the group has announced a new resource designed to help Pokemon Go players find partners for raid battles. "Silph Radio" allows players to set beacons off when they need assistance with a raid. When a player lets off a raid beacon, other players nearby that also use the Silph Radio receives a "beacon" via text, email, Slack, or Discord to let them know when a group is forming.

While most low-level raids can be defeated by high level players, at least two players are needed to defeat some Level 3 raids and all Level 4 raids.

To work Silph Radio, players just need a Reddit account for authentication purposes. Once your account is set up, you can set off beacons and view where other raids are taking place on the site's map.

Silph Radio's information is totally crowdsourced and doesn't break Niantic's terms of services. This means that you can use it without any fear of getting banned from Pokemon Go, a rarity among third-party apps for the game.

Of course, crowdsourced information works best when there are more players using it. So check out the Silph Road's site now and sign up!

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