First Look at New Gen 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go could be adding new Pokemon as soon as this weekend.

Apple just published a new Pokemon Go ad on its Apple Watch app store that shows Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, the starter Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. These three Pokemon are among the more popular "Gen 3" Pokemon that first appeared in those games. Humorously, the ad contains copy from Pokemon Go's last ad, which first appeared close to Halloween. You can check out the ad below:

pokemon gen 3

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire added over 130 Pokemon to the franchise back in 2002, including powerful Pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre and fan-favorites like Flygon and Gardevoir. Pokemon Go players have been anticipating the addition of these new Pokemon for months, in part because there's several Pokemon that could have a major impact in gyms and against raid bosses.

Pokemon Go previously hinted that more Pokemon would be added when announcing some of its plans earlier this year. The game added five new "Gen 3" Ghost-Type Pokemon during its Halloween event, but developers have remained relatively quiet since. Dataminers have discovered that Pokemon Go's developers have added a handful of new moves on their servers, although none of the moves are technically ready for play...yet.

This wouldn't be the first time that Pokemon Go's plans were spoiled by an Apple Watch ad. Apple previously posted an ad that showed off the game's new Ghost-Type Pokemon several days before Pokemon Go officially announced its Halloween plans. Following that timeline, we should hear more about the "Gen 3" Pokemon sometime this week, probably on Friday.


Obviously, new Pokemon is huge news for Pokemon Go fans and we'll do our best to keep you covered. Keep reading for more news and coverage about all of Pokemon Go's upcoming additions!