Pokemon Go's First Wave of "Gen 3" Pokemon is Live

Pokemon Go players can now catch fifty more new Pokemon.

Just moments ago, Pokemon Go added fifty new Pokemon originally seen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire to the game, along with its brand new dynamic weather system.

While we're still sorting through which Pokemon are appearing in this new wave of Pokemon, we can confirm that it includes Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, and a few other iconic Pokemon from the "Gen 3" games.

The new weather system is also in effect and causes certain Pokemon to appear more often during different weather conditions. Partly cloudy weather will boost the spawn rates of Normal and Rock-Type Pokemon, while "clear" weather boosts the spawn rate of Fire-Type and Grass-Type Pokemon. The weather also affects the strength of certain Pokemon in gyms, as well as the powers of certain moves.

There's a ton of other changes in the game, which could take some time to sort out. Some Pokemon have new movesets, and there's probably a lot of other surprises that haven't been discovered yet.


Things that HAVEN'T appeared in the game include the new Star Pieces (which boost Stardust received for catching Pokemon) by 50% and the new AR+ mode. Delibird has also not made appearance...although we didn't expect it to arrive until closer to Christmas.

We'll have a lot more to report about this new update later today. But in the meantime, get catching those new Pokemon!